Footstep in the Sand

Footstep in the Sand

As I begin this new blogging adventure, I’m compelled to share WHY I “push the button” for a specific image that I want to capture.

This image is an example…Rodeo Cove is a beautiful beach at the south end of the Marin Headlands and just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I believe all photographers love to wander around the area they’re in, looking “up” to find that perfect angle of the view they’re trying to capture.

I typically do the same thing, until I saw this. The single footstep just past the receding water and accentuated by the embedded rock, profoundly caught my eye. And my personal motto is “if I like what I see…I push the button”, so I did!

Looking at this picture now you have to wonder a couple of things: where was this step leading to?; where is the other step?; Is that an impression, or is it raised? Where does the water come from…a lake, a stream, a tidal pool?

A photographers goal is the invoke emotion in the viewer. Most viewers don’t give an image the time to form an emotion, but once in a while, something happens inside their gut… something catches their eye…something. What is it? Every viewer will have their own opinion of what they see. Lot’s of questions, but isn’t that the point?

What do YOU see?

Thanks for reading as I take another “Footstep” forward…

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About Dan Shehan Photography

Iā€™m a landscape photographer and call San Francisco my home. My favorite locations to shoot are around the Bay, within the City, and along the amazing California coastline. You can find my best photographs at:
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10 Responses to Footstep in the Sand

  1. lauramacky says:

    Beautiful! I love Rodeo Beach too. For some reason I saw a dinosaur spine! Is that weird or what. šŸ˜‰

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  2. I’ve been questioning the same thing: why publish on a blog? Especially since I just had to pay $20 to increase storage size for my photos. In the end, I just really enjoy blogging. I like having a record of my past, the act of writing, taking photos, sharing. And it’s great to discover other people in the WordPress community too. Cheers!

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  3. digitalgranny says:

    Love this and great shot. I see someone stepping across a trail of water draining from somewhere. With the sand I am wondering if it is a spit, or pool of ocean water that is being stepped over.
    The sand looks like a warm day at the ocean.
    I am wondering if those are rocks wet from the surf coming and going.
    I feel the ocean and the beach when I look at this lovely photo.
    Have a great week end.


    • d3citypics says:

      Thank you so much. This image was taken in February and even though it was sunny, the air temp was in the high 50’s (yes, I was wearing something warm) šŸ™‚
      Your description of what you see is fantastic, and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on it. Cheers!


  4. alexraphael says:

    Really like this


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