Standing Tall

I think you all recognize one of the premier landmarks in San Francisco, right? This is the Transamerica Pyramid that will soon lose its place as the tallest building in San Francisco.  It rises to 853 ft. but by 2016, it will be surpassed by the new Transbay Transit Tower which will rise to 1070 ft and 61 stories and will reshape the skyline of San Francisco for many years to come.  It will also become the tallest building west of the Mississippi.  For more on the new tower, click [here]

In the meantime, the Transamerica Pyramid may eventually lose its height advantage, but it will never lose its recognizable architecture and appeal (IMHO) 🙂


Standing Tall

Standing Tall


About Dan Shehan Photography

I’m a landscape photographer and call San Francisco my home. My favorite locations to shoot are around the Bay, within the City, and along the amazing California coastline. You can find my best photographs at:
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12 Responses to Standing Tall

  1. Jane Lurie says:

    Love the dreamy quality. Terrific image, Dan. The Transamerica will always be unique…

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  2. bermaxo says:

    Me gusta Preciosa toma Saludos


  3. Sure is a terrific image Dan! 🙂


  4. lauramacky says:

    I love the glowy top of the TA building. Well done!


  5. Mary Shehan says:

    Oh, my! First and Mission! So many changes! The first image of the tower reminded me of the surreal towers in Dubai and even Singapore. We are really in the 21st, aren’t we! (And the Transamerica still seems new to me!) Good pic of the TA, by the way. (Of course!)


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