Early Spring Blossoms

The plum blossoms are sprouting a bit early this year due to the warmer than normal weather we’ve been having here in the San Francisco Bay area.

I found these beauties on my wine tasting visit to the Sonoma Valley.  As you’ve seen in my recent posts, it’s a great time to visit the wine regions right now.  Cheers! (literally) 🙂

Early Spring Blossoms

Early Spring Blossoms

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About Dan Shehan Photography

I’m a landscape photographer and call San Francisco my home. My favorite locations to shoot are around the Bay, within the City, and along the amazing California coastline. You can find my best photographs at: www.danshehanphotography.com
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8 Responses to Early Spring Blossoms

  1. Leanne Cole says:

    I took an almost similar image yesterday, what are the odds? Though mine didn’t have lovely blossoms like yours, I think yours is better.

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  2. claudiaserra says:

    Nice picture! It makes me think: “Spring is almost here and I can’t wait for it” 🙂

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  3. Hey Dan, they are beauties too! Great shot …

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  4. Pieces of 8 says:

    You’re so lucky! It’s still below zero most mornings in my neck of the woods. Although I caught the first buds of spring on my Monday ramble. Lovely photo.

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