Cairn on Mile Rock Beach in San Francisco…

I find the stacked rocks, or cairns, to be truly interesting in form and function.  Typically used as a landmark or memorial, the person making this must take time and patience to ensure that each rock balances well enough to withstand wind and weather.  Here I used this one as a pointer to the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.
After a while though, there are those knuckleheads that like to come along and knock them down, for fun. Ugh…




About Dan Shehan Photography

I’m a landscape photographer and call San Francisco my home. My favorite locations to shoot are around the Bay, within the City, and along the amazing California coastline. You can find my best photographs at:
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9 Responses to Directional

  1. Jane Lurie says:

    Beautiful, Dan. I called them hoodoos recently for lack of a better word. Cairn makes much more sense.

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  2. Nicely done. I like how you caught the wave in motion rather than blurred.

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  3. Nicci says:

    I never thought about it before, I see them when I’m hiking, and take them for granted, but they are hard to set up. It really does point to the bridge, cool! The colors in the image, and the sky, are beautiful.

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  4. Hey Dan … a beautiful image!

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